Press Release February 2023

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ClinRisk Ltd

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QRISK®3: The Future 

ClinRisk Ltd, a provider of clinical risk assessment and medical software to implement risk predictions for use in clinical care, today announced a new approach to ensure that QRISK®3 is widely available within the NHS as well as its commitment to becoming a non-profit organisation. 

The company is actively working with partners on the future success and investment in current and future QTool®s by developing new agile web based APIs to ensure that QRISK®3 and other QTool®s are available at the point of care for patient benefit across the world. 

ClinRisk, best known for its QRISK® cardiovascular disease software, is a trusted name which thousands of GPs use for daily reviews and risk calculations for millions of UK patients.

The company is also proud to announce the addition of several key players to its leadership team.

ClinRisk Technical Director, Dr Stephen Hippisley-Cox, is delighted to welcome Dr Marcus Baw as Clinical Safety Officer and Mr Shane Tickell as Commercial and Partnering Director. Dr Baw is a well-known GP and  open source campaigner, while Mr. Tickell is a high-profile well established  CEO in EPR, Data and Analytics, and Digital Health strategist..

QRISK®3 has recently been recommended by NICE as the preferred cardiovascular risk stratification algorithm to use. Our aim is to help users move seamlessly from the widely used QRISK®2, to the enhanced QRISK®3.

The ClinRisk team’s aim is that the recent changes will accelerate the pace of uptake of QRISK®3. ClinRisk published its SNOMED-CT Value Sets for QRISK®3 and its other QTools under a permissive Creative Commons licence to be of best help during the COVID-19 pandemic.  NHS England has recently assured these QTools SNOMED-CT codesets.  

Stephen Hippisley-Cox said – “ClinRisk Ltd is absolutely committed to going forward and delivering the best solutions to its users. With the enhanced leadership team and new technical upgrades, it will continue to invest in research and sustainability of the organisation, and produce enhanced delivery and access of all QTool®s to support clinicians and the health of our citizens”.

In building the new APIs the company welcomes anyone who is keen to work with them to test new adapters, pre-release. Interested parties can email for more information.

Strengths of the QRISK®3 algorithm:

  1. Helps identify those at high risk of heart disease or stroke
  2. Accurate for UK population
  3. Helps prevent health inequalities
  4. Recommended  by NICE for use in the NHS
  5. Scientifically validated
  6. Improves on QRISK®2, which has been used over 5 million times/year in the NHS

Strengths of the new ClinRisk QRISK®3 API platform

  1. Easy to use
  2. Suitable for easy integration into existing Electronic Patient Records
  3. Automatically updated to latest algorithm version
  4. Available in SNOMED-CT, and also in Read 2 for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


Alongside the most well-known QRISK® cardiovascular disease calculators, ClinRisk have also developed a wide range of other clinical digital tools, helping to estimate risk and guide management of a number of medical conditions. Over coming months, ClinRisk will add these other tools to the palette of available APIs.

  • QDiabetes®
  • QFracture®
  • QCancer®
  • QBleed®, QStroke®, QThrombosis®
  • QKidney®
  • QAdmissions®, QMortality®, QFrailty®


ClinRisk provides both software and services for use in the health service industry.  Best known for its QRISK® software, it is committed to providing robust implementations of high quality research.

QRISK®3 (the most recent version of QRISK®) is a prediction algorithm for cardiovascular disease (CVD) that uses traditional risk factors (age, systolic blood pressure, smoking status and cholesterol) together with newer risk indicators (body mass index, ethnicity, measures of deprivation, family history, severe mental illness, specific medications, and others) to create a more accurate prediction of cardiovascular risk, helping GPs and patients together decide on the best course of action.